Mechanical Tools


Hacksaw Blade

Mini Hacksaw 6- Inches

Junior Hacksaw

Combination Mini Plier

Long Nose Plier 

Bent Nose Plier

Needle Nose Plier

External Straight Circlip Plier

Wire Stripping Plier

Tweezers Set

Ball PeEn Hammer

Steel Shaft Claw Hammer

Metal Clamp 3" (Inch) size 

Table Top Vice Fitted to the Table

Allen Hex key Set

12 piece combination Spanner Set

Adjustable Universal Multi Wrench Spanner

6-Piece Precision Screw Driver Set

Multipurpose Screw Driver Set

  •  They are used in all areas of work from a simple repair work at home to heavy construction work.

File Set  6 Inch 

Peg Board (Steel or Plastic)