Electronic Components

breadboard 800 points

breadboard 400 points

breadboard 170 points

general purpose solderable board-veroboard

female berg strip

male berg strip

16*2 lcd display

usb cable a to b

usb cable mini

rechargeable battery

resistor kit

capacitor kit

voltage regulator 7805 ic

voltage regulator 7809 ic

voltage regulator 7812 ic

universal 16 key switch keypad


active buzzer 5v

big buzzer 5v

bo motor with wheel

vibrating motor

alligator connectors

battery clip with dc jack

hook up wires

jumper wire male-male

jumper wire female-female

jumper wire male-female

rgb led

red led

green led

blue led

yellow led

white led

555 timer ic

atmega16u2 microcontroller ic




power bank

stepper motor with driver board

dc motor 12v dc gear 150rpm

position servo angle based gear motor mg995 180 degree

small servo metal gear mg90

TowerPro Continuous Plastic Gear Servo Motor 360 Degree (MG996R)

small servo plastic gear motor mg90s

servo motor tester 3-channel